The Genesis Media Group offers a full public relations service for short campaigns, seasons or for long-term contracts.

Our highly experienced staff can arrange every company need from a short presentation to a conference or exhibition.

Qualitative market research and focus group discussions conducted.

Genesis also organises THE DIGITAL VIDEO SHOW, the TV and video trade show which is held each October at the Winter Gardens Exhibition and Conference Centre in Weston-super-mare near Bristol.

Check out the website at www.thedigitalvideoshow.co.uk

The Genesis Media Group Limited
114 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff CF14 3LY
T:029 20 666 007
F:029 20 666 008

tv production, corporate video production, new media production, publishers, events management, PR


Genesis publishes a variety of printed books, textbooks, CD Roms and videos. All publications are available direct from Genesis.

Latest paperback:
BLACK PEARLS by Tony Williams £6.95 The story of one man's obsession to live on a deserted island in the South Seas.

Educational publications:
LIVING RELIGION IN WALES (90 min English video + free booklet) £14.00 inc VAT + £3 p&p

TEACHING ART IN WALES (bilingual book) £20.00 + £3.00 p&p

TEACHING ART IN WALES (24 A3 cards) £17.63 inc VAT + £3.00 p&p

TEACHING ART IN WALES (English video) £17.63 inc VAT + £3.00 p&p
[see www.walesart.com ]
Three Welsh Folk Tales (Bilingual CD Rom) £20.00 inc VAT + £2.20 p&p

5 in 1 Stories (Bilingual CD Rom) £20.00 inc VAT + £2.20 p&p

Number Stew (Bilingual CD Rom) £20.00 inc VAT + £2.20 p&p

Christmas Pudding (Bilingual CD Rom) £20.00 inc VAT + £2.20 p